Pega - Agents Interview Questions and Answers


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Pega - Agents Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is the purpose of mentioning access Group for Advanced Agent.

A. Agent when it wakes up, the activity which we call in the agent rule form will be picked from the rule sets which are associated with the mentioned access group related application.

2. When we don’t mention any access group for the advanced agent then what is the access group PRPC going to use?
A. Agents are un authenticated and runs on access group “PRPC:Agents”. Though we mention an access group, every agent must be using PRPC:Agents access group also.

3. What is the access group pega used before we login to PRPC?
A. Before an operator Login to PRPC, process commander uses an access to run the required rules, which is Guest role access group ““PRPC:Unauthenticated”.

4. How to stop an agent?
Using Admin Studio, or We can open agent schedule rule , un check “Enable” check box.

5. We have a standard agent , which is running on 4 nodes. The agent has a schedule defined like Every Day , IST time zone, 7 AM.
The 4 servers are there at different location, INDIA, USA, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA.

We want agent to run at 7 AM , based on server Time Zone?

A. After the agent is deployed, we need to update agent schedule rule on each server to respective time zone.

6. Agent and agent schedule are instances of which class?
Agent is instance of “Rule-Agent-Queue”. Agent Schedule is instance of “Data-Agent-Queue”

7. How to push items to agent queue? What is Queue table?
By calling OOTB activity QueueForAgent , we can push items into agent queue. Queue table is System-queue-Defaultentiry (Pr_SYS_QUEUES).

8. What is Broken-Queue?
A. The items failed to process, their status gets updated to, Borken-Process.

9. How to re-queue items?What happens when we re-queue.
a. Using Admin studio Broken Items Wizard. Item status gets updated to scheduled. It will be picked during next run time.

10. How to Auto requeue broken Items?
A. We can create an advanced agent which will run at schedule time and updated the broken items of “System-Queue-DefaultEntry” class.