Pega : Assignment - Routing

1.What is the OOTB activity that run when we route?
When we route to WorkList-->toWorkList (Type = Route)
When we route to WorkQueue or WorkBasket-->toWorkBasket (Type = Route)

2.Can we call an activity using assignment shape?
Yes, we can call activities of type “Route”. For example toWorkLsit or toWorkbasket.

3.Where does assignments gets Stored?

Assignments gets stored into either of below tables.
PC_ASSINGN_WORKLIST (When assignment routed to single operator)
PC_ASSINGN_WORBASKSET (When assignment routed to Work Queue or Work Bakset)

4.How to Route conditionally either to Work list or Work Basket?
Using the business logic option we can do it

Now, the return values of Decision tree should be OperatorID’s or WorkBasket names.
Accordingly It gets routed.

Suppose the same you have to implement by your own activity.
Create an activity of type, Route.
In this activity add two steps,
Precondition (A=B) Call toWorkList
Precondtion (C=D) Call toWorkBakset

5.What is the relation between work and workist/workbasket tables

Work table pzInsKey column value will be there in above table with in a column pxRefObjectKey
Work table pyID column value will be there in above table,with in a column pxRefObjectInsName

6.I want to create to fetch open assignments of Current Operator.
Create a report in assing-worklist class.
Where Condition pxAssingedOperatorID = OperatorID.pyUserIdentifier.

7.What is get next work?

When an operator login and click on get next work.
1. PC , Open the Top Assignment from Work List
2. If there are not Work list items, then PC pick from Work Basket

8.How to override to pick the assignment from work basket first instead of Work list?

Go to operator profile and choose below option

Suppose if an operator has access to more than one work basket via different work groups, then we can mention the order of work basket look up in the operator rule form


9).While routing assignment to operator, we would like auto reroute the assignment to other work list or work basket, if the operator is on Leave. How to achieve this?

We can specify a substitute operator for the operator who is on leave.
At run time PC , auto re routes the assignment to substitute operator or Work queue when in case operator is on leave.
To get this done, while routing we need to one option “Check availability”


10.How to an operator with access to a Work basket without being him part of the respective work group?
A.We can achieve this by specifying the Operator Id in Work Basket rule.


This referred as Additional Contacts.

11.Push Routing Vs Pull Routing?
A.Routing we have done to Work list or Workbasket --> Push Routing
When an assignment is Routed to work basket --> any operator of that basket picks the assignments, then assignment will come to Operators work list to be performed.
Generally this is by GetNextWork.

12.What is Get Next Work?
A.This is an OOTB feature provided by Pega, when click on , the highest urgency task will get opened to the current operator from Work list.
If two tasks have same urgency then the task which is created in PAST will get opened.

13.How to retrieve tasks from Work Basket instead of Work list, when an operator click on GetNextWork?
By selecting below option