Pega - Build and Deployment

1.How to include all Data Instance of application or rule sets?
A.We need to choose below option of “Include associated Data”

2.What is Exclude Non-Versioned Rules option in Product Rule?
A.When we select this option “Data Instances” will be ignored by process commander like Operators, WG, WB etc…
3.We have a rule set R1- 01, we have 10 rules. I want to move only one rule out of 10. How to achieve this?
A.In the product rule we have to mention the “pzInsKey” of Individual rule. Package it.
4.I want to move the rule set version which are un locked, how to achieve this?
A.We need to select the check box, “Allow Un Locked Rule set version”.
5.When do we go for selecting the option “Allow Un Locked Rule set version”?
A.When we have delegated rule of production rule sets, we go with this option.