Pega - Data Pages Interview Questions and Answers


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Pega - Data Pages Interview Questions and Answers

1.What is Aggregate Data Source in Data page?
A.We can get the data from, multiple sources like RPTD, Connector, DTF etc… This possible with Aggregate Sources option.

2.Why We don’t have editable Data Pages at Node Level?
A.To avoid Data Inconsistency among requestors. This options is not made available for Node Level.

3.If we do not mention any refresh strategy, when the D page does gets removed from server?
A.24 hours.

4.What is Reload once per interaction?
A.For Every WO that we create, D page create created.

5.How to delete a read only data page using activity?
A.Call this activity “Call FlushDeclarativePage (Name of DPage)”.

6.What were Data pages called before Pega 7?
A.Declare Pages.

7.How to call Data Page Asynchronously? What is the difference between Referring DPage name to call it & using Load-Datapage Method to call it?
A.We can call Dpage Asynchronously, by using the method “Load-DataPage”.Refering page is going make the processing Synchronous.

This Makes the Data page to be called at activity step and, activity will proceed forward with next steps, without waiting for D page to be loaded. This is Asynchronous Behaviour.

8.What is Pool ID in Load-Data PageMethod?
When we define Pool ID @Load-Data Page Method, we can use A Connect-Wait method Followed by Load-DataPage.
Generally we use Pool ID when we have more than one Load-DataPage methods are being used as shown below

At the connect-wait, PC collects pool ID ‘P1’ and when all Load-Datapage methods of P1 pool Id, gets completed, Connect-Wait gets released.

9.How to pass Parameters to a Data page While referring through an Activity
A.We can pass as show below D_getCitiesD_GetCities[stcode:"AP"]