Pega - Data Transform Interview Questions and Answers


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Pega - Data Transform Interview Questions and Answers

1.How to call an activity from Data Transform?
A.We can use Below functions

2.What is the difference between Append to & Append and Map to?
A.Both are for copying pages from one page list to other page list.
If both page list refers to same class then use “Append To”
If both page lists refers to different classes then use “Append and Map to”.

3.How to call decision table or decision tree from a DTF?
A.pxEvaludateDecissionTable(Page name, DecRuleName)
pxEvaludateDecissionTree(Page name, DecRuleName)
ObtainValue(Page name, DecRuleName)

4.How to call report definition from DTF?
A.CallActivity, in the activity call report definition.
In the activity we can call report definition rule as shown below
Call Rule-Obj-Report-Definition.pxRetreiveReportData
ReportDef Class, ReportDef name, Page.

5.What is “Call Super class data transform” option available in DTF.

1.When this option is selected, process commander check from the same name DTF in the parent class.
2.If Parent class has same name DTF continue Else Step 8
3.At Parent class again check for “Grand parent Data Transform”
4.If Grand Parent class has same name DTF continue Else Step 8
5.This process of check will continue up to Base Class.
6.Now, the execution of DTFs starts from base class to till bottom current class. Execution is from TOP to Bottom.
7.The last DTF gets executed is “Current Class”. DONE
8.When there is not Parent class DTF, only current class gets executed and done.

6.What is the difference between DTF and Activity?
A.DTF is an alternate of Property set method of activity.
DTF can not do Open, Browse, Calling services etc… Itcan not do like acquiring lock etc…But activity can do all this.
DTF is a subset of Activity.