Pega - Data Types Interview Questions and Answers

Pega - Data Types Interview Questions and Answers

1.What is the Difference between PR and PC Tables?
Any Business will have two types of Table
1.Transaction Tables (OR) Business Table
2.Master Table (OR) Reference Table (OR) Static Tables

For example table a bank transaction of money deposit

While we perform deposited transaction
There are THREE tables that gets utilized during the processing

1.Customer – ID, FN, LN, PH_Numb
2.Account Table – ACCT_ID, TYPE, etc
3.Account_Transactions table - TRANS_ID, CREDIT, DEBIT, BALALNCE

Out of all the above 3, only account_transaction table gets impacted , by updates or insert.

As we perform the transactions, the tables that gets impacted are TRASACTION TABLES ,where as during transaction or during some other processing, other tables gets utilized by application – this tables are reference or static tables.
•Transaction Tables – For every business transaction, table gets inserted or updated.
•Reference Table – During transaction this tables data will be utilized but this tables will not get inserted or updated.

In PRPC we have PC and PR tables.
PC tables are – Transaction Tables
PR Tables are - Reference Tables.
PC Table Example – PC_WORK – Which is transaction table
PR Table example – PR_Operator – Which is Reference table.