Pega - Inheritance Interview Questions and Answers

1.Types of Inheritance:
--> Pattern
--> Direct

2.Which Inheritance takes First priority
A.Pattern Inheritance

3.Why Pega gives, first Priority to Pattern Inheritance by Default?
A.Because PC, want’s to check for the rules in User Defined classes first (Application, Div., Org) and then OOTB classes in direct inheritance.

4.What is the purpose of Direct Inheritance in Pega?
A.To Utilize OOTB rules of OOTB classes, we need Direct Inheritance.

5.Can we have more than one direct parent chosen for a class?

6.How to change the priority of Pattern inheritance?
A.In the class rule form, Un-Check the option “Find by Name First (Pattern)”.
Then Direct Inheritance takes First Priority.

7.What is the Inheritance between Implementation Work and FW work classes?
A.Direct Inheritance.

8.Can we create “class Group” Under Data or Int Classes?
A.No, Because a class group must be inherited from “Work-“ or it’s sub classes.
But, Data and Int classes derives from Data- or Int- , so we can not create class group under data and Int.
If we try to create we get Compilation Error.

9.Difference between Class Group and Does not belong to a class Group?
A.Class Group : Is instance class of WO(s), means we can initiate transaction under class Group.
Does not belong to a class group : It’s not in the inheritance path when we look at from “Class Group”. It’s is a non-inherited class, where we cannot initiate business transactions. The Rules of these classes can be re used for multi purpose.