Pega - Performance Interview Questions and Answers

1.Our Pega Application is a Service Provider.
Receiving Request - Store this request - Obj-Save - 300 MS, Optimize to 10 ms.

2.What are the performance tools?

3.Application performance reasons
application is running slow - 1 particular screen
1. Middleware response might be slow.
2. might be the screen is loading huge data into table layout which we have to have pagination
3. Issue can be from DB end or Service provider taking time, slow response.
4. Report has complex joins, means to many joins defined or connect SQL has to many joins with multiple table.
5. Many be too many properties are there which are un-optimized.
6. Load on the server is high.
7. Log files occupying space on server.
8. Infinite Loops.
9. Clipboard size is huge.

4.How to create 1000 operators on a single go , operators details given in an excel document or CSV document?
CSV --> File Listener.
Excel --> file Listener , for parsing use “MSOParseExcelFile”. This activity got deprecated from 8 onwards and we have a new activity “pxParseExcelFile”.
We need to create Binary file rule and upload excel template.

5.Why pega has pzPVStream columns storing transaction data into one column?
What is the Main Advantage? Other than Size and Security?