Pega - Product Rule Interview Questions and Answers

Pega - Product Rule Interview Questions and Answers

1.What is Exclude NON-Versioned Rules?
A.Selecting this options, PC ignores taking Data instances into Product File.

2.When do we go for the option “Allow unlocked ruleset versions”?
When we have delegated rule in Production rule sets, we need to choose this option because, production rule sets are unlocked even in production environment , allowing the business to modify the rules.

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1. Types of Rule sets like Production, Branch rulests etc…
2. Rule Delegation

3.What is Rule Delegation?
It is the process of allowing business to access the business rule and modify from their portals.
Business can update directly.
Delegated rule , we create in Production rule set --> Product rule sets are left unlocked.
•The class for delegated rule is “System-User-MyRules”

4.If I want to move only ONE Rule out of N number of rules available in a rule set, how to achieve this?
A.We need to take the pzInsKey of the rule and mention in the Product rule, no need to mention RS, Lower and higher versions.

5.We have a with 100 rows, while building we want to include only 50 , how to achieve this?
A.We can achieve this by calling report definition as shown below. We have to add required conditions in the RPT. Only those records which are retrieved by RPT will be considered to add into Product file.