Pega - SOAP Integration Interview Questions and Answers


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Pega - SOAP Integration Interview Questions and Answers

Working with Connect-SOAP

1.What is Simulations in Connectors, Data page? OrWe want the Connector to return some test response if in case the activities service is DOWN (404) [OR] We want to create a connect-SOAP functionality where we know request, response prop but the service is not yet ready from the providers, in this we do not want to wait for the service provide to provide us WSDL URL, instead we should complete our Connector development and display some test data. How to achieve this?
A.We can Use simulations at connector or Data page, to assign some test data to the response page.

2.Where do you configure the End point URLS (which you pass while using connectors) of third party service rules in your application?
A.We are configuring in DSS (Dynamic System Settings). Read it in program by using function getDataSystemSettings(RS,DSSNAME)
Advantage is “Changing the value” does not need redeployment, Reboot or Code chages.

3.What are XML steam and Parse XML rules?
A.XML stream rule convers Clipboard Data to XML
Parse XML converts XML to Clipboard.

4.What are Run in parallel, Queue, run options in Connect-SOAP method?
Select to indicate the timing of execution
•Run — Execute the connector synchronously; the next step of the activity containing the Connect-SOAP method does not execute until the connector response is received.
•Run in Parallel — This connector is to run in parallel as a child requestor of the current requestor. If selected, use the Connect-Wait method later in the current or a follow-on activity to access results from the connector. Do not select this value if the Connect SOAP rule supports compensating actions.
•Queue — Add this connector request to a queue, defined by a Connect Request Processor data instance, for background processing by the Pega-IntSvcsProcessConnectQueue agent. This mode works only if the Request Processor field on the Service tab of the SOAP Service rule identifies a Data-Admin-RequestProcessor-Connect data instance. When the agent executes a queued connector request, the execution is performed with the authorization profile of the original requestor.

5.Where would you define END POINT URL which we passing while consuming any service?
A.We are defining the URLs using DSS.
Reading the value using function @getDataSystemSetting(RS,DSSName)