Pega - Web Services (SOAP) Interview Questions and Answers


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Pega - Web Services (SOAP) Interview Questions and Answers


1.Why we need to create an integration class, under work class -> for Services?
A.The service rules gets created under Work-Int classes because, it is possible to look up work tables. If we create at non inherited classes and Int rule sets, it’s not possible to interact with Work Tables.

2.What is service package?
It’s is collection services which runs on same access group. Service package is responsible for generating WSDL, End point URLS etc…


3.What is Stateless and State full in Service Packages?
A.State full : Means the session ID gets created by service. It can recognize the follow up requests. EG : Gmail
Stateless : Means NO session ID gets created. Every request will be treated as a new request. EG : Google

4.What are the rules that you have to create to build a service?
A.Classes, Properties, Service package, Service rules, Steam and parse rules(if required), Activity.

5.How to test a soap service without using PRPC?
A.We can use SOAP UI. Go to any you tube channel learn about it.