What are the differences between standard flow and screen flow?


Staff member
1. Starter flow: Screen flow cannot be a starter flow and so cannot create a new workobject.

2. Routing: In screen flow, routing is configured only in the start shape. It can be routed only to operators and the same (only one) operator is responsible for completing all the steps. You cannot route a screen flow to different operators. In standard flow, you can perform the exact opposite, where routing is configured in assignment shapes.

3. Single harness: Screen flow uses single harness which is configured at the start shape, where as in starter flow, different harness can be used in different assignment shapes.

4. Commit at last: In screen flow, you get an option to commit at the last assignment shape, where as in standard flow, commit occurs on submitting every assignment shape.

5. Flow action configuration: In screen flow, flow action is configured in the assignment shape and can be only one flow action per assignment shape, where as in standard flow, flow actions are configured from the outgoing connectors from assignment shape and can be more than 1.

6. Jump back: In screen flow you can configure the navigation links, to jump back and forth.

7. Restriction on other shapes: Few shapes are restricted to screen flows. For example in sub process, you can only refer screen flows that use the same harness