What is inheritance in Pega? or How many types of inheritance do we have in Pega? Explain each of it?


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In Pega PRPC, there are two types of inheritance:

Directed Inheritance

Pattern Inheritance

Pattern Inheritance is Inheritance on naming convention, where as Directed inheritance is external or advanced inheritance.

Pattern Inheritance is given preference above Directed Inheritance. As per Pega, if PRPC needs to find RULES (reusable components) which a particular class can use or have access to, first they search through the pattern inheritance. Which is nothing but, the naming convention followed to name a particular RULE in Pega. If PRPC do not find the RULE through the pattern inheritance, it will search the RULE in Directed inheritance.

For example, While naming a RULE in Pega, we use Org-Sub-Work-ClassName, This means, ClassName is inherited from Org-Sub-Work class as well as it is part of Work-Cover-.