What is the difference between Obj & RDB methods?


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Obj methods can only be queried upon a single class whereas RDB methods can be helpful in querying along with joins involving more than one class.

Obj methods are meant for transactional ease as they have the option of deferred save, rollback etc whereas RDB methods are performed immediately with auto-commit.

RDB methods would be considered in the below factors

Stored procedure

Custom or complex query

SQL function

RDB methods support stored procedures. OBJ methods do not.

RDB method support hand-crafted / optimized SQL. OBJ methods generate all SQL on the fly behind the scenes.

OBJ methods support a PRPC unit of work / two phase commit. RDB methods are atomic - they are unique transactions and automatically commit on completion.

Most Cases you do NOT have to map tables to PRPC objects to use RDB methods. RDB methods only see / touch those columns that are in your DB Schema, and you don't even have to map them to objects / properties . On the other side; mapping a table to a PRPC 'external' class and using obj- methods directly extends PRPC object model to the external table.